Cuddly capers with the celeb pet-set
Vinod Nair
Call it the animal magnetism of our furry and feathered friends or what you will, but the city's hi-life seems to be devoted to the pet project. Not only are the poshest addresses in town home to the canine chums and cool cats which make up the Capital's pet-set, Delhi's dazzlers aren't averse to pampering their pets with private bedrooms. "Pets are like having children at home. In fact, Tango and Sherry provide the perfect training for my husband Anil and I," smiles Monisha, even as Tango and Sherry, the designer's two Labradors, add bite to her DLF residence.
If her dogs make Monisha's day, Domino does the trick for dressage rider and young businessman Kapil Modi. Incidentally, apart from Domino, his international grand prix horse, Kapil reveals that his stable has a few champions-in-the-making."While the list of horses on my farm includes

European thoroughbreds Sobrave, Sledge and Rubinstein, my St Bernard dog, Rio, hogs all the attention at home," explains Kapil. Interestingly, model Poonam Nath can't remember not having pets at home! And her current companion is Shera, a Cocker Spaniel. "While Reshma, my other Cocker Spaniel, passed away recently, Shera is 18 years old now and we always have great time togetherer " enthuses Poonam. Well, if Shera brings joy unlimited to Poonam, Pia Singh's cup of joy runneth over. After all, the enterprising entrepreneur has five dogs at home, including double delights by way of Apsos and Labradors and a Cocker Spaniel. "Between my brother and I, there are eight dogs in the house!" says Pia. If pets are perennial favourites with the city's jet-set, the Burmans of Dabur fame seem to be moving in over-drive. The Burmans' Prithviraj Road residence hosts a bevy of birds, including exotic parakeets, and the Siberian husky Harry. Informs Gaurav Burman, the youngest member of the Burman family, "Harry is half-wolf and this explains his unconventional looks. As far the beak-speak resonating through the house, well, my parents are passionate about birds." Incidentally, RJ-compere Yuri's fascination for pets is backed by an interesting anecdote. "A friend asked me to accept his Golden Retriever as he was strapped for space at home. A month later, he wanted his pet back! I bought a Golden Retriever pup almost immediately and since then Skip has become an integral part of our lives," explains Yuri. Mandira Kapoor, a well-known figure at the city's social dos, seems to have a way with pets. "I have two Persian cats which answer to the names of Simba and Lola, besides four dogs — Dante, a Mastiff; two Irish Setters, Niky and Malarie; and a Labrador, Pepsi," elaborates Mandira. For those not tuned in, there's something about pets which sees them find a place in the hearts and homes of Delhi's jet-set. But then, even the best of the best take a bow when a cuddly companion packs a wow. That's pet power for you.